March 20, 2018

Introducing Longline Clothing Store's latest all-star sneaker, coming in to elevate your sneaker rotation all the way up; The A1 Nightshade Boot.

Coming in a single colourway, this sneaker-boot is striking in appearance, with a premium jet-black upper being offset perfectly by a crisp white midsole. This sleek model also features a lacing system that adjusts to each individual differently to give the perfect fit, and in addition to this the boot features a side zip, which acts to make the boot very easy to take off and put on, but also breaks up the darkness of the upper cutting straight through the black material with it's sharp silver tone. 

A truly versatile pair, these boots will go with a multitude of different clothing pieces to add some finesse to your wardrobe. One of the best combinations with these boots though is definitely pairing them with our Premium Black Distressed Rip Jeans. These Jeans offer a slim profile and cut in at the heels to blend seamlessly in to the top of the boots. The stacking of the denim at the boot also adds to the streetwear feel of this combination. Also, we all know that all black everything is always sure to be a winner...

Another piece of legwear that compliments the A1 Nightshade Boots is any pair of our supremely popular Side Stripe Retro Pants. You can go monotone with a pair of white or black or you can throw in a pop of colour with the red/green or blue variations, any will suit these boots, and give that effortlessly casual feel stacked in to the top of the boot. 


As we start to move from the winter months back in to summer, the A1 nightshade Boots are the perfect pair to offer enough style-pairing options whilst also offering a practical pair of boots to deal with the changeable conditions this time of year. They're available right now, and don't expect them to hang around for too long. 


If you're as excited as we are, take a closer look here.

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