March 20, 2018

One trend that’s certainly showing no signs of slowing up as we move in to Spring/Summer ’18 is the ugly shoe trend.

That is, shoes deemed to be ugly and unsightly by the majority of consumers, but that for many within the fashion industry, hold a certain beauty and intrigue that lacks in traditionally sleek and stylish sneakers. The trend started to take movement a few years back as the Raf Simons Ozweego silhouette took a sharp leap popularity, this continued through for a few season with steady growth, and as we look to the coming season, bulky, dad-style runner are everywhere.

From the controversial Balenziaga ‘Triple S’, through the Fila Disruptor and to the upcoming Adidas Yung 1, these clunky silhouettes are everywhere. In a similar vein, the Asics x Kiko Kostandinov collar looks to extreme norm core influences for it’s signature look, and across the entire footwear spectrum, from established sneaker brands lie Nike and Adidas right through to more niche fashion labels like Acne Studios and Our Legacy, brands are trying to cash in on this seasons big trend; and with fashion heavyweights from A$AP Rocky to Virgil Abloh sporting these kind of styles, it’s hard to see this pattern dying away any time soon.

So as we leap with both feet in to 2018, we’ve curated our top 5 ‘Ugly Shoes’ for the season:


5. Fila Disruptor

4. Yeezy Mud Rat

3. Balenciaga ‘Triple S’

2. NB 990v4

1. Adidas Yung 1


Which is your favourite? Or rather, which do you think is the 'ugliest'?

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